Wedding Albums

A high-quality wedding album with the story of your day, told through the images:
a memory to cherish forever.

Luxury leather, linen and suede are just a few of the options to choose from for the finish.

Wedding Album design

It is of course a cliché, but at the end of the day and aside from the rings – the wedding album is the only tangible memory that remains of your wedding day. And to leave all those precious memories on a USB drive would be a shame. With only a modest investment you can have all your memories come together in a beautiful album where you can enjoy the images for years to come and even pass it on to future generations.

I will start designing your wedding album once you have given me an initial selection of images that you definitely want to see in the album. This is the basis from where I start the design and once finished it will be available for you to see online through a special link I will send you. You can then review your album and if necessary, make modifications. Once the album design is completely to your liking, and only then, will it be ordered.

The wedding albums come in a standard size of 30×30 cm and are printed on real photographic paper, which does the colours ultimate justice and warrants the quality for years and years to come. All albums are made with the so-called ‘Lay-flat’ system, which allows images spreading over two pages to continue without interruptions and are delivered with a luxury storage box.

Wedding album pricing starts at 485,- for the Eco Leather cover and a basis of 20 spreads (40 pages). Each album can be extended at leisure with 2 pages at the time and a more luxurious cover like linen, suede or real leather. Have a look here for more information.